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Melrose Place-The Very First Scene

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Highlights from the greatest soap ever made – Melrose Place which aired from 1992 until 1999 for seven seasons on FOX.
Melrose Place, Cast Included:
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More at @sollycw, #sollycw
SEASON 1 Highlights\u0026list=PLY0rE-hqO1ihNxd_AaSNhLH-Z97wsR64_
SEASON 2 Highlights\u0026list=PLY0rE-hqO1ihAZCkjrYoJt2ssuTgarFmP
SEASON 3 Highlights\u0026list=PLY0rE-hqO1ih-mMeo8SySux8icT6SFD9W
SEASON 4 Highlights\u0026list=PLY0rE-hqO1igY2mVOL_bmioF6ylh1oesU
SEASON 5 Highlights\u0026list=PLY0rE-hqO1igPY8kNE7-2rtGf8OBpHpcj
SEASON 6 Highlights\u0026list=PLY0rE-hqO1igyQQDHsPy41Dx2Py15DHfx
SEASON 7 Highlights\u0026list=PLY0rE-hqO1igfu1MRneqjKXhgxJcVyfDE
ALL MELROSE PLACE Clips\u0026list=PLY0rE-hqO1ig6MD3dmEEW2Rew6JqGISuK
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My fav season is Season 4 followed by Seasons 3, 2, 7, 5, 1 \u0026 finally Season 6 is the only one which I started to skip a bit through.
Lina W : Wow! Had totally forgotten what it looked like from the very start. Great choice! :)
J C : They all look so young
cmartinezjr91 : So let's re-cap the inception of Melrose Place:
Jake technically started us off when Dylan McKay introduced him in Season 2 of Beverly Hills, 90210. From there, Kelly from 90210 led the initial storyline of Jake's in the first three episodes.

HOWEVER, here we see that Alison is the main focus to launch the series due to her roommate. And here's my theory on Natalie. As odd and ambiguous as she seems abandoning Alison in the middle of the night, there was a valid explanation. Matt and Alison imply that she's an oddball of some sort, and probably with good reason. Natalie most likely explored the realm of the paranormal and psychic readings. Once she discovered a glimpse of where Melrose Place was heading, she knew she had to leave right away before shit got real. Natalie, although misunderstood, was smart.
BxGirl Blazin' : Rhonda was such a terrible character.
Christian Aseron : Michael & Alison having a conversation? Wow i completely forgot about that. By Season 2, they hardly had a scene together




Melrose Place is an American primetime soap opera that aired from July 8, 1992 to May 24, 1999, for seven seasons. The show follows the lives of a group of young adults living in an apartment complex called Melrose Place, in West Hollywood, California. It was the second series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise. The show had many cast changes during the run. Thomas Calabro was the only original cast member to remain on the series throughout its entire run. The show earned several Golden Globe nominations and placed #51 on Entertainment Weekly's "New TV Classics" list.

Thomas Calabro - Dr. Michael Mancini
Heather Locklear - Amanda Woodward
Andrew Shue - Billy Campbell
Josie Bissett - Jane Andrews Mancini
Doug Savant - Matt Fielding
Grant Show - Jake Hanson
Courtney Thorne-Smith - Allison Parker
Jack Wagner - Dr. Peter Burns
Laura Leighton - Sydney Andrews
Marcia Cross - Dr. Kimberly Shaw
Daphne Zuniga - Jo Reynolds
Rob Estes - Kyle McBride
Kelly Rutherford - Megan Lewis Mancini
Brooke Langton - Samantha Reilly
Lisa Rinna - Taylor McBride
Jamie Luner - Lexi Sterling
David Charvet - Craig Field
Alyssa Milano - Jennifer Mancini
Linden Ashby - Dr. Brett 'Coop' Cooper
Patrick Muldoon - Richard Hart
Vanessa Williams - Rhonda Blair
Kristin Davis - Brooke Armstrong
John Newton - Ryan McBride
Rena Sofer - Eve Cleary
John Enos III - Bobby Parezi
Anne-Marie Johnson - Alycia Barnett
Amy Locane - Sandy Louise Harling

Juxtapositions and parallels are drawn between different clips to deliver the original narrative of the video in a transformative manner that falls under Fair Use and provides unique value to my viewers. Juxtaposition is an act or instance of placing two elements close together or side by side. This is often done in order to compare/contrast the two, to show similarities or differences, etc. A video qualifies as fair use if it juxtaposes source material in a new or unexpected way for the purposes of critique, commentary or education.

Footage used in this video is protected by the Fair Use Law, section 107 used for commentary, criticism, news reporting or education for transformative use.



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Тогда и Сейчас Melrose Place
Before and After Melrose Place
damals und heute Melrose Place
Alors et Maintenant Melrose Place
Avant et Après Melrose Place
antes y depues Melrose Place
allora e di oggi Melrose Place
toen en nu Melrose Place
Allora adesso Melrose Place
Dün Ve Bugün Melrose Place
O zaman şimdi Melrose Place
lauren ralph : Laura Leighton who played Sydney Andrews was my favorite character on the show she Beautiful as as hell and I always love the bad girl. Use to watch this and Beverly Hills 90210 when I was a kid and I understood the adult themes cause I wasn't shielded from anything I always had a thirst for understanding the world and I watched these shows all the way through as a teen till the very end of their runs
Mermaidreviews469 : Bold and the beautiful
Hyacinth Faith : Kelly Rutherford is forever gorgeous.
bluepepper100 : Soo..Vanessa Williams basically grew out her hair.
Guillermo Rodriguez : When there was no Covif-19

When Melrose Place ruled the World - VH1/2004

Clips, coulisses \u0026 interviews du casting de Melrose Place (Fox 92/99).
Soaps Place : Superbe et rare émission dont je ne connaissais l'existence jusqu'à maintenant! donc un grand MERCI
Frederic Orro : Merci pour ce documentaire, en plus avec les sous titres en francais.
rafaelU2 : i've been looking for this all of my life, thank you. i love you
Erik Andrus : Vanessa Williams calling "representation" 16 years ago "...part of that could have been certainly remedied if they had more people who looked like Rhonda also writing for Rhonda."
popstarboy : @Soaps 90s I cannot thank you ENOUGH for sharing this Melrose Place Special. I had never heard of it until yesterday, and that is all thanks to you. Smile. What a sublime treat this is for fans. I like that it's quite thorough and a pretty accurate account of this unforgettable Prime Time Soap. However, I know that I am in the minority, but I only love Season 5 (second half) and Seasons 6 and 7. The first 4 and a half seasons were great. Still, for me, there was always too much going on in every episode, too fast paced, and I loved it...... but I did not LOVE it. Starting with the latter half of Season 5, I found it a much easier to follow ever, more close knit show. I even prefer the new characters that Seasons 6 and 7 brought to the show. Still, the show was crazy, zany, and ever changing. It just seemed to me to be a more intimate approach to the show. True, I was beyond lucky when my all-time fave Josie Bisette returned for Season 7. I could go on and on, lol lol. Mainly, I want to say THANKS and Kudos to you and your Channel. Sincerely. Jaymes (Popstarboy).




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