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Quick Pickup: Roland KC-500 150w Keyboard Amplifer

This amp is HUGE but the wheels on the bottom is great. Very useful and portable amp!!!
CarsandTunes : Hey man,  I play keys, synth and bass guitar.  My local music store has this amp used for $400.  Good buy for me?  Will it handle bass?
CarsandTunes : Hello again.  Just thought I would give you a follow up.  The one I got was actually the kc-350 100w.  Otherwise the same thing. Used for 400$ plus tax.  I think the previous owner unboxed it, and sold it.  It is in literal MINT condition.   Anyways, I love it.  The organ sounds warmer. The range of odd sounds from the synth comes through crystal clear. And it pumps out the bass guitar as well as any bass amp.  Thanks again for the reply before!  Peace :)
Universal Steele : I love these amps for bass guitar, even more than a bass amp. They are sterile and I love it
Official Keona Jordan Music : Can you use this for singing?
Charles Dubois : So what's the difference between the KC-500 and the KC-550? I've got  a KC-350 running bi-amped with the [now discontinued] Roland KCW-1 powered sub-woofer cabinet....and it's one awesome rig! What's more, each of the combo amps is light enough to be moved by one person; and it's a big plus in my books! It's a great "mini-stack"!!

Roland KC 500 iPod

7 day eBay sale 10/01/21 search for seller lesartwork

Roland KC-500 Keyboard/Piano Amplifier Repair

Fixed this Roland KC-500 Keyboard amp. Little transistor on the first circuit board after the transformer got too hot and melted the solder joints on the board. Simply opened it up and resoldered those joints. The amp originally would sound like it powered up, but the light would not turn on and no channels would work. Now the light powers up and everything works perfectly.

Ask me any questions in the comments below.
David Flentroy : I'm having the same issue, powers on but no sound
kahanakitty : hi! i’m not even vetting the speaker pop when i turn it on. Is there a fuse?
samantha balint : I have same problem, with KC-550 when you power on you can hear a little pop from speaker, but light does not turn on and no sound, this is a 2000 model, looks similar to yours but no big transformer, looking at the boards I see no bad looking components , I will look closer to solder joints.
Theo Pratama : are you still active sir?
Omar Alvarado : I’m having issues with mine, I use it to actually play music from my phone, it has been good but up until recently it plays for an hour then it starts cutting out, until it produces no sound.




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