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High Flow Nasal Cannula

2006년 11월 O2액션 크리스탈 화이트

옥시크린의 표백 성분과 오투액션의 얼룩제거 성분이 결합!
얼룩없이 눈부시게 하얗게! O2액션 크리스탈 화이트 출시

NUKE UPDATE! | Area 02

Nuke update
Google doc I read from: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16zchkD-l61fB2qGAj5W6ms5ZRpQH7GBS7pH_i_r356I/edit
mitragerma institut : Idk wat to say
Maryann Hernandez : I love it but when it goes boom it shows an emergency alert system and kicks us out of the game and I cannot join back
Ahmad Darwish Irfan Izami Zuddin : Press what to use that green light? NGV?
your average person Nether : The warhead is pretty anticlimactic especially for 700 robux I think. Also the water cannon is used to give a free shower to 457.
Marru Productions : Time to become Hiroshima and Nagasaki




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